SNMP stats for VCP ports in Virtual Chassis Fabric(VCF)

Starting with 14.1X53-D10, the SNMP stats for VCP ports in Juniper VCF are available.

You will be able to retrieve the packet rate, bytes rate per second, the total number of bytes and packets per port per direction(in/out) among others.

To retrieve the stats, the following MIB object has to be used: jnxVirtualChassisPortEntry.

To activate the stats, a CLI command has to be configured under virtual-chassis hierarchy.

The command is:

set virtual-chassis vcp-snmp-statistics

This is for one OID from the before mentioned MIB, before the command is configured:

lab@QFX5100-5> show snmp mib walk ascii jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets    
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.0."vcp-255/0/48.32768" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.0."vcp-255/0/49.32768" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.1."vcp-255/0/48.32768" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.1."vcp-255/0/49.32768" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.2."vcp-255/0/48.32768" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.2."vcp-255/0/49.32768" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.3."vcp-255/0/48.32768" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.3."vcp-255/0/49.32768" = 0


After it is configured:

lab@QFX5100-5> show snmp mib walk ascii jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets    
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.0."vcp-255/0/48" = 56185113360
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.0."vcp-255/0/49" = 35950458742
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.1."vcp-255/0/48" = 21585094737
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.1."vcp-255/0/49" = 39111551832
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.2."vcp-255/0/48" = 39299502332
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.2."vcp-255/0/49" = 36116503495
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.3."vcp-255/0/48" = 21351278831
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.3."vcp-255/0/49" = 55957682821


Once the command is disabled, then the stats are not collected anymore:

lab@QFX5100-5# rollback 1 
load complete

lab@QFX5100-5# commit 
configuration check succeeds
commit complete
commit complete
commit complete
commit complete

lab@QFX5100-5# exit 
Exiting configuration mode

lab@QFX5100-5> show snmp mib walk ascii jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets    
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.0."vcp-255/0/48" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.0."vcp-255/0/49" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.1."vcp-255/0/48" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.1."vcp-255/0/49" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.2."vcp-255/0/48" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.2."vcp-255/0/49" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.3."vcp-255/0/48" = 0
jnxVirtualChassisPortInOctets.3."vcp-255/0/49" = 0


I hope you will find this feature useful in the future when you will want to monitor the VCP interfaces.









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Paris ARAU

Paris ARAU is a networking professional with strong background on routing and switching technologies. He is a holder of CCIE R&S and dual JNCIE(SP and ENT). The day to day work allows him to dive deeply in networking technologies. Part of the continuously training, he is focusing on Software Defined Network and cloud computing.


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    • Hi,

      I didn’t try this on mixed VCF, but I think it should work regardless the type of VCF or VC.

      The command is now available for other EX platforms VCs. You will need to find the release specifically for the platform in discussion.


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