2016 November

Recovery installation on EX9200

The recovery installation is used to restore the factory default installation in case the device software gets corrupted. Once the software gets restored, the device will have the default configuration and it will be needed to either recreate manually the configuration that was running on the device prior the software corruption or to use a… Keep reading »

Health monitoring of hard drives in Juniper switches and routers

The are two ways to monitor the health of HDD in Junos: Using Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) system Using iostat Using the SMART system, HDDs incorporate a suite of advanced diagnostics that monitor the internal operations of a drive and provide an early warning for many types of potential problems. The SMART system… Keep reading »

Workaround to enable DHCP Snooping in Juniper ELS CLI

DHCP Snooping allows a network device to monitor the DHCP messages received from untrusted devices connected to the network device. The DHCP Snooping is enabled per VLAN and the router or the switch where DHCP snooping is enabled checks the DHCP messages received from untrusted devices from that VLAN and builds the DHCP snooping database… Keep reading »