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About Paris ARAU


  • Who Am I?

I’m an experienced network professional specialized in routing, switching and datacenter technologies. Currently focusing on software defined network(SDN) and cloud computing.

Technical writing and presales skills are other professional specialties that I’m bringing to the table.

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  • What is this blog about?

I created this blog to share what I learned over the course of the years and what I’m currently working on. Topics that are related to data center, SDN, virtualization and cloud computing will be seen quite often on this blog.


  • What should you expect to see on this blog?

You should expect to see use cases and best practices for various technologies, tutorials and real life gotchas that I’m seeing during my day to day work.



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  • Dear,
    hope you are doing good.

    There is no new Juniper blogs for datacenter. your blogs is really important and useful for real word datacenter scenario.

    Thank you,

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