Subnet-Router Anycast address on Junos

In this post we are going to discuss Subnet-Router Anycast address and how it is configured on Junos. The Subnet-Router anycast address is covered here: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4291#section-2.6.1 The anycast address is the same as the unicast address from the interface with the difference that the interface identifier is set to zero. Any router on the subnet… Keep reading »

6PE over MPLS

This post will explain how you can connect IPv6 domains over IPv4 MPLS enabled network using Juniper routers. First, a short introduction about 6PE. The 6PE(IPv6 Provider Edge routers) routers are dual stack to be able to run IPv6 to connect to the IPv6 islands and to connect to MPLS core which is IPv4. 6PE… Keep reading »