6PE over MPLS

This post will explain how you can connect IPv6 domains over IPv4 MPLS enabled network using Juniper routers.

First, a short introduction about 6PE.

The 6PE(IPv6 Provider Edge routers) routers are dual stack to be able to run IPv6 to connect to the IPv6 islands and to connect to MPLS core which is IPv4.

6PE routers are exchanging IPv6 information over the MPLS core using MP-BGP over IPv4. This means that you have a BGP free core network.

6PE routers have BGP sessions with the CE routers and they are receiving routes from these CE routers.

We will see what is happening in a 6PE over MPLS network in control plane and data plane using this topology:





The /32 and /128 IPv4/6 addresses are configured on routers loopback interfaces.


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Paris ARAU

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